Monday, October 02, 2006

No Horse Race Here. Mayor Miller Way Ahead

Contradicting an earlier Ipsos Reid Poll done for the National Post, CTV has Mayor David Miller a good 30 points in front of his main competitor Councillor Jane Pitfield:

David Miller is way ahead in the race for mayor with 65 per cent support from decided Toronto voters, while main contender Jane Pitfield has only 32 per cent, according to an exclusive poll for CTV Toronto.

The Strategic Counsel survey found the most important issues for residents is crime and gun violence, while infrastructure/public transportation/traffic comes in a close second.

The poll finds the electorate is almost as equally satisfied with Mayor Miller's progress as it was 10 months ago. Sixty-six per cent are content with his work, down only three per cent from November 2005.

The polling was done before former Liberal Party Apparachik Stephen LeWho? jumped into the race, but he's got less hope than Enza the Supermodel or Ben Kerr, even now that Ben Kerr has died.

And people ask me, BigCityLib: why do you bother to write about local Toronto issues? Well, its because Toronto is real in a way that most of Canada is not. I mean, I've been to Vancouver, and I know Montreal is out there somewhere, but the rest of the nation is a kind of communal dream of Torontonians, as far as I can tell, a kind of an Outer Toronto, North of Steeles someplace.

And of course the people out there want to know what's going on here. It's like Rome and The Colonies.

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BigCityLib-Dumb-as-a-Bag-of-Hammers said...

nobody deserves David Miller more than the citizens of Toronto.

The rest of just rejoice he is all yours