Friday, October 06, 2006

Off for the Holiday

Every year the wife and I drive up to a place called Beachwood Resort, just outside of Buckhorn, Ontario, and spend the holiday weekend eating and hiking. One of the highlights is always Petroglyphs Provincial Park, where Ontario has done a bangup job preserving a historical collection of rock carvings. Our favorites are the various images of Six Nations trickster figure Nanabush (Big-Rabbit), which my wife insists looks like Bugs Bunny.

(Nanabush is the one in the middle. Note the resemblence to Bugs)

Another park highlight is the local population of Gray Jays (Perisoreus canadensis). These rare (for Ontario), robin sized birds are very curious and very easily tamed. During our first few visits, we kept running into the same French couple, who could get the Jays to take seed straight from their hands. Two years ago, our Quebecers did not return, but a Jay approached me to within about two feet, obviously looking for a handout. This year we are bringing a bag full of seed as well as my digital camera. Hopefully we can get a few shots as good as the one below.

Since this is probably the last thing I will write until Monday, everyone be sure to have a good Holiday. Even you Michael Ignatieff.

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