Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not Crazy Enough! Garth Turner Suspended From Tory Caucus!

Garth will be sitting as an independent for the time-being. Interesting! As they collapse in the polls the Tory's turn on one another. Apparently, Garth's blog got him in shit:

Rahim Jaffer, the national caucus chair, said the suspension was due in part to Turner's blog, which he often uses as a soap box to make his opinions known.

Members of the Ontario caucus felt "the theme of confidentiality was not being respected," Jaffer said .

"This is not something that one person has felt. There were attacks that were made on individuals, including the prime minister, on his blog at different times," Jaffer said.

The blog is offline right now, other than a message saying that Garth will hold a news conference at 5:00 PM ET to discuss today's "momentous events".

A stupid move at a bad time for the Tories. These guys seem to have a death wish.

incidentally, can anyone else imagine Garth crossing the floor and becoming "the littlest Liberal"? (I am 5' 7" and I loom over him)

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