Friday, April 27, 2007

Christian Terror At Austin Clinic?

From the Houstin Chronicle (

AUSTIN — A package left at a women's clinic that performs abortions contained an explosive device capable of inflicting serious injury or death, investigators said today.

Christian Conservative terror groups tend to ramp up activity in times of Peace when there is no external enemy against which to expend their zealotry. With Iraq winding down, the question is will the U.S. start to see more of this kind of thing? And, from a Canadian point of view, will some of the violence leak over our border, as happened during the last go round? If so, I'd advocate making Christians wear little blue hats so normal, decent folk can hide when we see them coming.


Anonymous said...

Nice, nothing like a little religious bigotry to paint all Christians with the same brush. Where's the sensitivity to different religions? Hate monger!!

bigcitylib said...

Christians are required to take responsibility for their own wingnuts, just like the members of any other religious or ethnic group. I'm just saying make them wear hats; I'm not saying feed 'em live to starving lions.

Anonymous said...

just looked out my window . . yup, thousands of Christians dancing in the street in rapturous joy over the almost bombing of an abortion clinic.

no wait, that's thousands of muslims celebrating the beheading, by a 12 year old boy no less, of a man accused but not tried or convicted of spying. Head, knife, chop = Jihadijugend hero.

and down the block its the Sikhs with another parade lauding the efforts of one their own mass terrorist murderers who disposed of hundreds of fellow multi-culti Canadians by simply blowing up the plane they were flying in.

wait till the religionists start going after the Kyoto Believers like you . . . we'll all be out dancing in the streets with joy.

bigcitylib said...

That's just cuz Christians can't dance worth shit.

Jay said...

Home grown terror from the Christian Taliban. Not surprised. Its happened in the past and will continue to do so if not get worst. Hatemongers. According to these freaks the right to life only exists between conception and birth .

I love the feigned outrage form the Christians commenting here. They scream they are being tarred with the same brush. Well, a lot of these same people have been doing the same with muslims.

Before I am accused of being insensitive to religions, let me save you time. I have absolutley no sensitivity or respect for faith heads at all. Those who keep it to themselves like all a personal flaws I have no beef with. Keep your relusions to yourselves they have no place in public domain.

JimBobby said...

Terrists is terrists. Religious fanaticism breeds terrism. It don't matter if it's Christian fanatics or Muslim fanatics or Jewish fanatics or Hindu fanatics or Wiccans or whatever.

Nobuddy with an ounce o' human decency should be defendin' terrism, sez I.


Mike said...

Jimbobby is right - terrorists are terrorists.

So, you think these Christian terrorsits will be thrown in Gitmo without charge or trial?

Yeah, I doubt it too. Laying bare, of course, that the "War on Terror" (TM) is really just another Christian on Muslim crusade.

Bah, both are a bunch of idiots, fighting over whose version iof the imaginary sky-god is "true". A pox on all their houses.

Oh, sorry, did I insult someone? Too fucking bad. You have a right to beleive and practice your religion, no matter how stupid. You do not have a right not to be insulted when people express their opinion on how dumb you are for believing such nonsense. And as soon as your religious practice and beliefs threatens my liberty, person or property, you have no rights at all.

Christian Conservative said...

For the record, people like this who plant bombs, etc., are not "Christians"... true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. When they stand before the Throne of God, they will have just as much to answer for as anyone else who's name is not written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

The Lord Jesus taught us to "turn the other cheek". Peaceful demonstration is one thing, planting bombs or shooting doctors is another.

DON'T tar us all with the same brush. True beleivers in Christ would not do such things.

JimBobby said...

ConChristian, I was just over t' yer boog. I see you talk a bit about Muslim terrists. Maybe they ain't real Muslims like these Christian terists ain't real christians but that don't stop you from referrin' to Islamic terrorists. I know a few things about "real Christians." They do unto others they way they wish others would do unto them.


Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, ChristoCon...mote, timber, eye, etc.

Jay said...

So Christian Conservative,

If it is up to the lord bejesus and some sort of a god who makes these decisions on what is right and what is wrong, why do you campaign against same sex marriage?

If you just read the next passage after the one faith heads like yourself like to use as a reason to spout hatred at homosexuals you will notice that though this work of fiction says it wrong, it also says its not up to you to do anything about it. Its god's decision.

In other words, STFU. Let you non existent god pass judgement, he commands you to.

Why you hate Muslims so much? I married a Muslim man and he's quite nice.

Jay said...

Rat, If you want to leave a comment on this post please do so here so people can see it, instead of leaving off topic little turds at my blog.

bigcitylib said...

Rat is the only guy I could probably sue for slander for some of the remarks he has written about me on this/his blog. I'm letting it go until he runs for office.

Pity, though, I like rats. He kind of disgraces the name.

Anonymous said...

what makes you jump to the conclusion that it is christian terrorists ??

100% of muslims are 100% against abortion, to say nothing of many other religions.

why do you conclude its is christians. Just your basic hatred acting up ?. Maybe is was Lizzy May & the Greenies . they are against abortion !!

bigcitylib said...


Just cuz' it all tracks. If it turns out to be not a Christian group, I will issue an apology.

Ti-Guy said...

100% of muslims are 100% against abortion, to say nothing of many other religions.

I don't believe this is true. And I don't believe you're a muslim.'re probably "The Rat," lying as usual.

JimBobby said...

"Maybe is was Lizzy May & the Greenies . they are against abortion !!"

Here we go again with a zombie lie that won't die.

In her own words, Elizabeth May said --
"I am strongly in favour of a woman's right to access a safe and legal abortion. However, I think the polarization of the issue does our society a disservice. We should be able, even on a highly emotional issue like this, to hold a respectful dialogue. Perhaps former U.S. president Bill Clinton expressed it best: 'Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.'"
National Post, April 19, 2007

Jay said...

Then there is also the issue of child rape at the hands of priests, pastors, and the like. They take advantage of kids left in their care for indoctrination purposes and sexually abuse them. if we had non of this nonsense we wouldn't have had incidents in the past like Mount Cashel and the abuse continues today. Rather than accept the fact that their system allows for abuse and clean it up, they pretend nothing happened and transfer people around.

Mental, and sexual abuse. Would this be one of those mysterious ways of the lord?

Adam said...

BCL: you must be joking. Please tell me you are joking. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, because taken as serious comments, your words are complete nonsense.

You dig around for some shootings that happened 10 years ago by some nut, you assume that the man in this Houston case is a Christian and from there you draw the conclusion that Christians should be identified, ala Jews in the Nazi era? Even if that is a joke, which I hope it is, stick to your day job, because it isn't funny. According to the last census 77% of Canadians identify themselves as being Christian. That's a lot of hiding. Be afraid, be very afraid!


from a wikipedia article:
"the vast majority of priests are thought never to have abused any children (99.8%)"

Talk about painting all with the same brush.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't have much of a gay-dar, but I have to say, Christian Conservative stikes me as a little...uh..awkward?


Anonymous said...

Where's the sensitivity to different religions?
what makes you jump to the conclusion that it is christian terrorists ?

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Maria said...

I condemn all terrorist activity I hope U.S guide us.

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