Monday, December 17, 2007

Ripe For Re-gifting

Industry Minister Jim Prentice took his staff out to Hy's Steakhouse in downtown Ottawa last Monday, Dec. 10, for a holiday gathering. Between 30 and 35 people were there, and Mr. Prentice asked everyone to take turns talking about the high and low points of the year over dinner, which was followed by some generous gift giving. Among some of the gifts that Mr. Prentice handed out was, you guessed it, copies of Mr. Mulroney's new book, Memoirs.

Betcha the people he didn't like got two copies.


RuralSandi said...

Take turns talking about the high and low points? Boy, that must have been fun....

quaeitur said...

Gosh, everyone on his staff got a doorstop for Christmas. How jolly!

Can we have an opposition please said...

Am I the only one who thinks it is sad and pathetic that the only scandal the Liberals can tag this government with is something that occured 14 years ago with another administration? If that isn't the definition of grasping at straws, I don't know what is. Surely they can find a scandal relating to this government even if it's itty bitty one. Earth to Dion: you're barking up the wrong tree.

its not easy to make priorities said...

Sure this "scandal" is going back nearly two decades, in no way involves this current government, involves no public funds being missappropriated, has been thrououghly investigated by the RCMP with zilch wrongdoing found,

it's better than talking about Dion.

Too bad the next election will actually feature Harper v. Dion rather than the press v. Mulroney (though it's not clear the press would come out of that one a winner either.)

BTW, when's Dion going to Afghanistan like he promised us on national t.v. (you know, when he got all chirpy with Mansbridge for daring to ask the question)? Or does he have another tropical paradise to visit for no official reason first?

Anonymous said...'s better than talking.... Duh, have you got a brain?

The last day of parliament, Van Loan "finally" announces that request to go to Afghanistan have FINALLY been approved including staff required, etc.

Gee - Van Loan only had months and months to deal with those requests.

Boy, CPC supporters to need to read and pay attention.