Saturday, April 05, 2008

Definitely Racist Blogger Defends Allegedly Homophobic Tory MP

File it under "Please, don't try to help!" Kate speaks out, both on her blog and in today's Ottawa Citizen. Just days after being personally dissed by Brad Wall for urging death to drug addicts, she asks for a little sympathy on behalf of Tom Lukiwski:

Saskatchewan commentator Kate McMillan, who writes the popular and controversial political blog Small Dead Animals, says it's wrong to raise a fuss about a politician's past, unless they've broken laws, or their actions are relevant to public policy.

Simply ridiculing or shaming them she says, deters good people from seeking public office.

Note two things. First, imagine Kate making that last statement with a straight face, and feel free to puke.

Second, Lukiwski's attitude to SSM has become more widely known, and can be placed squarely within "knuckle dragging wing" (say it with pride, Mr. Fife!) of the CPoC. I am therefore pretty sure his alleged homophobia might be considered "relevant to public policy". Would a piece of gay-friendly human rights legislation, for example, have any chance with him? And, if he did vote against such a hypothetical bill, would it because of honestly held if wrong-headed philosophical views, or because he hated their dirty finger-nailed guts?

As for what should be done with Mr. Lukiwski, well, I am not so impressed by his apology as some. He claims, for example, that his words do not even express his beliefs as they were 17 or so years ago. That is, he is not even arguing that he has changed for the better. No, he was always fine; his words on the unfortunate videotape occasion were connected to no element of his character. They were sui generis.

But they were coherent, articulate even--certainly not alcohol fuelled babbling. So that is not really credible.

However, I would leave it up to the people of his riding as to whether or not he continues to represent them, although I don't know why Mr. Harper is willing to bump up his base salary by maintaining him in the role of parliamentary secretary. In any case, he will be far more useful to the opposition parties in the HOC, his mere presence raising the possibility that given a majority government, the more radical members of the Conservative party might press an agenda of intolerance. In fact, I would suggest that someone follow him around with a digicam, ready to capture any further "macaca moments".

As for Kate, I suppose her days of shaming and ridiculing politicians are over. You gonna be nice now, Kate?


Ti-Guy said...

You gonna be nice now, Kate?

Nice is for gays, not for barren prairie mediocrities whose only talent appears to be her personality disorder.

I'm so over the "conservative" critique of liberalism. It's always rooted in hate. You can sense it a mile away.

Bene said...

You are kinder than I BCL, when I turn on a national newscast, I expect facts.
In a tag Q&A I know opinion is going to be expressed.

Been there, done that.

A national reporter does not need to publicaly contribute to polorization by dumbing down. This is a very regionalized country. Having said that of course all kinds of wierd and wonderful things come out on live TV.
And in out takes. I've no doubt the second that popped out of his mouth he wished it hadn't.

Fife is articulate, so I'm a bit less likely to cut him the slack you have. Cheapened language is just that, generalized and cheap.

I don't know the demographics for CTV national, I suspect it's and older group who might be less forgiving.

If want to hear knuckle draggers, I'll tune into Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert right after the news. Satire cuts, but can take the edge off also.

If I was Fife, I'd see if I could do a Mercer walk on, that might ease react.


Ti-Guy said...

I don't really agree in this instance, Bene. I don't think the media really can spend all that much time being that careful and articulate when describing something, since time is too short and no one's paying attention.

Knuckle-draggers are what they are and it needs to be repeated, often.

We've been finding all kinds of ways of examining and explaining this behaviour for decades now, and those who still don't understand have to be called what they are.

Reality Bites said...

His riding? His riding has never met a bigot it didn't elect overwhelmingly. Don't kid yourself for a nanosecond the won't be re-elected. Only way he isn't the next MP is if he resigns or is denied the nomination by the party.

Tony said...

"Homosexuality is statistically abnormal, it's physically abnormal and it's morally immoral." Liberal MP Tom Wappel - 2006
"It's sort of corny, but a constituent phoned up and said, 'God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.’ "If it's two adults, where do we stop? What about a grandma that wants to marry her grandson or an uncle that wants to marry his niece? Where do you stop?" Liberal MP Roy Cullen - 2005
The smell of hypocrisy among those in the Liberal caucus and their supporters is rather revolting.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah, tony, I don't see any reference in these quotes to spreading disease and dirty fingernails. Your boy did that.

Ti-Guy said...

Tony's running around pasting that everywhere.

God, they're so classless.

biff said...

There are hundreds of thousands of people who visit Small Dead Animals who would be surprised to hear Kate is a racist.

That's a very serious charge which I'm assuming you can back up.

I'd like to see some evidence of this racism which you allege.

Saskboy said...

His riding will go Conservative again. Sask voters tend to have a way of shooting themselves in the foot.

biff said...

And by evidence I mean something more than "ti-guy says she's a racist so its good enough for me."

I'd like quotes and link please.

Given your charge that she's obviously racist, I would think you would be able to provide such links/quotes in short order.

Ti-Guy said...

I'd like quotes and link please.

We've already established you're irrational, so real-world evidence doesn't make a difference to you anyway, you lying sock-puppet.

biff said...


That's a rather definitive word.

How so ti-guy? How have you established my "irrationality"?

Let's delve into this little drive-by shall we.

biff said...

While I'm waiting for your eloquent, thoughtful, and evidence laden response to my request, ti-guy,

I'm wondering how it must feel, knowing that someone who you obviously have hatred for - Kate at SDA - has the attention of thousands upon thousands of Canadians, who go to her site every day to hear her wisdom and thought provoking ideas.

That she, someone you (falsely) label a racist, is Canada's most prominent, prolific, and widely read blogger, must drive you to the vitriol we've all come to know about you.

That is it, isn't it ti-guy?

Reality Bites said...

"There are hundreds of thousands of people who visit Small Dead Animals who would be surprised to hear Kate is a racist."

And yet there are no people who visit BigCityLib who would be surprised to hear you're an asshole.

Ti-Guy said...

Gawd, Biff's so fucking stupid I feel soiled whenever he's around.

biff said...

"your stupid"

That's quite the retort ti-guy.

Rich and compelling. Edgy, yet thoughtful.

And, unlike me, very, very intelligent.

Touche, sir, touche.

Ti-Guy said...

Thank you. I was proud of the "feeling soiled" bit too.

Reality Bites said...

And yet, if ti-guy had written it, no doubt he'd know better than to write "your stupid" in place of "you're stupid."

Putz. People like you, who don't even understand that "you're" is a contraction of "you are," while "your stupid" is utterly meaningless, are in fact too damned stupid to offer meaningful commentary on anything. You're a moron, Biff. An absolute idiot. A complete waste of your father's sperm - there's better DNA to be found in my snot. When God made your mother's eggs the world lost out on what could have been a mediocre omelette instead of the useless blob of protoplasm they grew into.

Dante said...

Merry Andrew AKA Reality Bites has been on a role lately. Must be drinking his cheap cologne again.

Ti-Guy said...

What's *that* about?

Don't be a high school gossip, Dainty. It's not very masculine.

Dante said...

No gossip. Just an observation.

Lookup Merry Andrew if you don't get the reference.