Friday, October 10, 2008

MSM Picks Up Ed Sieb Story

This is a transcript from a CJOH News Ottawa story on Ed Sieb of the Elie Salibi campaign. His FreeDominion connection, his anti-Muslim and anti-Gay remarks, were first noted here.

I have the audio-file and if anyone know how to post such a thing to blogger, please let me know in the comments.

Also, as you see below Mr. Sieb denies that he was the man behind the remarks. If this turns out to be true I will offer Mr. Sieb and Mr. Salibi a most fulsome apology. But I think the connection has been pretty firmly established.

Anchor: There are calls tonight for a Conservative Party official to be removed, after anti-Islamic comments surfaced on-line. As CTV's John Hua reports, leaders of Ottawa's Muslim community are outraged.

Unidentified speaker: This is nonsense.

Reporter: It was a post on a right wing website, this woman says defeats years of working for understanding.

Unidentified speaker: It's hate mongering, and Muslims have been at the -- under attack since 2001, 9/11, 2001. And for the past seven years, we have worked so hard to build a good image of ourselves.

Reporter: The comments were found on, a self proclaimed voice of principled conservatism. On the site, a user by the name Ed S. from Ottawa wrote "Ottawa is filled with hijabs, burquas and full veils, like it was a village in Pakistan, appalling." Another online site, Big City Lib credited the comments to Conservative member Ed Sieb, a worker on the Ottawa-South campaign.

Unidentified speaker: Freedom of expression stops when it attacks me or my rights. It attacks me or anybody from my community as -- as he has projected us.

Reporter: CTV News contacted Ed Sieb for his reaction, and over the phone, he told us that he is a member of the Conservative Party, and is connected with the candidate in Ottawa South. But when it comes to the website, he says he frequents the sites ones or twice every month but is not the user Ed S. and has nothing to do with the hateful remarks. When CTV went to hear Sieb's side of the story at a agreed place and time, no one was home.

Unidentified speaker: Because we are reacting, he's denying. He's in denial. Why would somebody else use his name and post such a hateful message on it, and especially if he's working for the Conservative Party.

Reporter: She says the Ottawa Muslim community also deserves an apology from the Prime Minister.

John Hua, CTV News.


Reality Bites said...

Seems pretty simple to me. EdS posted a picture of himself, attending Connie and Mark's wedding.

EdS in all his glory

He's posted extensively about his activities with Ottawa South.

So are Connie and Mark going to denounce their wedding guest as an imposter?

But of course this is nonsense. The "EdS" in question is Ed Sieb and everyone knows that. All Ed Sieb has managed to do is confirm that in addition to being a racist, anti-Quebec bigot, wannabe-murderer and homophobe, he's also a liar and the most craven of cowards.

Some "principled conservatism" you've got going there Ed, Connie and Mark.

sassy said...

RB - someone should get a screen shot of that before it gets "lost"

Reality Bites said...

Oh, and let's not forget this additional proof that Ed Sieb is without a doubt a snivelling coward piece of dogshit:

Entropy Squared
Free Dominion
November 18, 2002

Storm the Bastille Report

It was freezing cold with a withering wind in front of the Bastille at high noon today, but about seventy intrepid souls braved the elements and defied the weather channel's highway warnings to make their way to Parliament Hill to show their support for western grain growers and their opposition to a political system that will jail western farmers for doing what is legal and normal for other Canadians, selling the fruits of their labour to the highest bidder in a free market system.

Canadian Alliance MPs Stockwell Day, Peter Goldring, Myron Thompson and Darrel Stinson all came through with rousing speeches and Stockwell made it a point to also address the children participating in the rally. The speakers list was rounded out by Howard Galganov, Doug McBain and Alberta farmer Rick Strenkman. Notable was the fact that the Canadian Alliance MPs remained at the rally and stood out in the freezing cold for the duration of the rally, even though they were the first to speak and could have returned to the warmth of the House. Art Hanger was an unexplained no-show and Progressive Conservative MP Rick Borotsik cancelled at the last moment, apparently choosing politics over the issue at hand.

Free Dominion wishes to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who helped organize this event, with special thanks going to Howard Galganov, Ed Sieb, Myron Thompson, Janet L. Jackson and Ralph Forte.

Immediately following the rally, Peter Goldring arranged gallery passes in the House of Commons for Connie and her entire family, many of the Bastille stormers who had come up from Kingston and myself. Peter Goldring then read a statement on the Floor of the House explaining the historical context of the storming of the Bastille 213 years ago and demonstrating the similarities between the events leading to the original Bastille storming and the conditions in Canada today, which prompted the symbolic storming of the Bastille on Parliament Hill this afternoon. Our actions outside the House of Commons made it into the Hansard thanks to Goldring.

Once again, thank you to all who organized and participated in the 2002 Storming of the Bastille on Parliament Hill.

A report on the anti-tax rally to be held November 20, 2002 to follow.

Reality Bites said...

This of course, is the SAME Peter Goldring who denounced FreeDominion for harbouring "extreme views" when his campaign manager was forced to resign over remarks he'd posted there during the LAST election.

Peter Goldring, much like Ed Sieb, is both a liar and a craven coward.

Reality Bites said...

sassy - "someone" did, don't worry.

Anonymous said...

I have the audio-file and if anyone know how to post such a thing to blogger, please let me know in the comments.

You can upload a video file, so in essence you just need to create video without a picture and import the sound. Off the top of my head on a Mac it should be fairly easy, Windows with windows movie maker and throw a JPG in the background, or use VLC.

Reality Bites said...

At 11:45 (FD time) the following was posted:

Narrow Back
Joined: 05 Apr 2008
Total posts: 389
Gender: Unknown

Posted: 10/ 10/ 08 11:45 am Post subject: MSM Picks Up Ed Sieb Story


I used to post at BCL, after I was booted from here. Fortunately Connie contacted me and I was able to post here again.

BCL is nothing without FD. All you have to do is look at his most active threads to see that. This latest thread "MSM Picks Up Ed Sieb Story" seems to have the folks there giddy with joy.

It reminds me a little of the Gordon Stamp (aka psycho) thing.

If you are reading this EdS, can you let us know what this is about?

That link now returns:

The topic or post you requested does not exist

So much for being "Free Speech" campaigners. Connie, Mark, and especially Ed Sieb are nothing more than cowardly little bigoted shits. They know it and we know it. Don't expect other people to participate in your cowardly little whitewash.

Narrow Back said...


You're right. It was deleted very fast. I am disappointed. I also got a private message politely asking me to take it off. Before I had the chance to tell this person I couldn't even if I wanted to, and I would not have wanted to, it was gone. It seems nicely asking his royal magnificence, the bloated and pompous EdS , a question about his name in the news is stepping over some sort of line.

I do seriously doubt if it was Connie or Mark that deleted it though.

The main reason I posted it was because EdS was insulting people like myself, Little Harbour and Connie (others too), who feel this issue is far more important than party loyalty. I wanted to see how unimportant free speech was to EdS when he is in the hot seat.

This told me everything:
When CTV went to hear Sieb's side of the story at a agreed place and time, no one was home.

LOL! What a coward!

It seems EdS has (had) some powerful friends in the Censorship Party of Canada - I mean Conservative... Let’s see how he likes having Harper’s knife in his back while he squeals “but I’m a loyal Conservative!” “I’ve worked hard to put them in office”! “I don’t deserve this!!” This is karma, par excellence.

No free speech, no democracy. Everything else in this election means little to me. All of the candidates have failed on this important litmus test. Screw them all.

crf said...

fulsome means insincerely flattering.

It isn't a nicer way of saying full.