Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tory Reb Strikes Back...Again!

Charles Conn ran for the Reform Party in the riding of Mississauga West back in 1993, losing to Carolyn Parrish. More recently, he has been a persistent critic of the CPoC's lack of commitment to its party grass roots when it comes to the matter of nominating candidates. I have chronicled his complaints against the process that produced Melissa Bhaghat here, and produced Lisa Raitt, here.

Now Charles has a message for the Canadian people!

The history books are full of 'strong leaders' whose dictatorial, my-way-or-the-highway rigidity led to disastrous consequences for their people.

Perhaps it would be better for Canadians to keep the Harper-controlled Tories in check for a while longer by only electing enough of them to form another minority government.

Let's see if they can start to lead by the democratic policies the country so desperately needs instead of copying Liberal pandering.

Suggestion: unless your current MP has been an absolute trainwreck, re-elect him or her.

And whatever you do, whichever party is involved, shun like the plague every appointed parachute candidate who was shoved down the throats of members in so many constituencies. Just last fall, an impressive majority of Ontarians rejected MMP. Don't let the backroom party big shots in Ottawa sneak it in by stealth.

Charles W. Conn, Mississauga.

Take THAT, Ray Heard!!

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