Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Questions For Ottawa South Tory Candidate Elie Salibi

Dear Mr. Salibi,

There's a fellow that posts on a Far Right Political Forum called FreeDominion using the moniker "EdS". He is an interesting guy. Here's something he wrote about Muslims:

Yeah... well... you ought to live here in Ottawa... hijabs, burkhas and full veils all over the place. Medieval nonsense, if you ask me. And the men!!! Wearing jalabas, and shalwar kameez, with sandals, and walking in the middle of the street, like it was a village in Pakistan. Appalling!!

When asked what happens when you hit a Muslim with a car, EdS responds:

Oh, G-d, don't do that! You'd be surrounded by hordes of Arabs in a moment, all demanding your death! It would be like a scene out of the aftermath of an Iraqi IED bombing - hordes of kids standing on top of the car, more hordes of ululating veiled women, men in jalabas and sandals milling around.

I purposely drive a wide berth around them, when I see them in the street. I know better!

Lovely stuff! And you can find more of EdS fascinating opinions on gays, for example, here.

Now, interestingly enough, EdS describes himself as a moderator on the Canada Divided website, which advocates Quebec separatism, among other things. When you check the Canada Divided member-list, it is obvious that the EdS from FreeDominion is one Ed Sieb. For example, Ed Sieb is the moderator of the "War on Anglos" forum, and posts several times here. Also, the link to his website goes back to FreeDominion.

Now, Mr. Salibi, here's the kicker. Ed Sieb seems to be working for you. He is listed as being the Electronic Newsletter Editor of the Ottawa South Conservative EDA. Further, I have heard but cannot confirm that he is currently your "policy co-chair", and he certainly appears to have been involved in your campaign as of early September. Is any of this information out of date? And, if not, are willing to stand behind Mr. Siebs view as expressed above? And, if not, why is he working for you?

Note: I haven't figured out a way to link to individual FreeD posts, so you might have to scroll down to see the material I am referencing.


Reality Bites said...

You've got a question for a Conservative candidate? That's so cute! You'd have a better shot at an answer if you asked God about the platypus.

Mike said...

Yeah... well... you ought to live here in Ottawa... hijabs, burkhas and full veils all over the place."

Hmm, Not in any part of Ottawa I live in. A few Hijabs, but I've never seen a burkha or a full veil...we'll unless the nuns at Elizebeth Bryere count...

James Bowie said...

Platypus? Hilarious.

Unknown said...

How's that election campaign going guys? Any more 9/11 Truthers show their faces?

Ti-Guy said...

How's the Hentai today, Paulie?

Unknown said...

Hey ti. There's a Truther meeting in Halifax October 18th.


A motley assortment of sullen paranoids from Canada's left will be attending.
Sounds like it would be right up your alley.

Ti-Guy said...

That these 9/11 truthers have been identified with "the Left" is really indicative of how debased politics in the US have become.

Of course, Paul S. wouldn't see that. He doesn't even know what country he lives in anymore, since he's been on a steady diet of American television since he was two.

I hate Canadians like you, Paul S. It's a good thing you're all cowards and know when to shut up when you're in public.

Reality Bites said...

While we're discussing Ed, let's dredge up a few more quotes.

As for our fedral parties "protecting" the Blocheads... maybe ... I always figured they should have been strung up on gallows years ago, right on Parliament Hill, in public.

It's my home province too. I still have affection for Quebec, but I'm very realistic. I understand that Quebec constitutes a net loss for Canada, economically, politically, and socially, and we can no longer afford to keep Quebec on. It's affecting Canadian society. It's affecting our politics. It affects the way Canadians think and react. And the effects are all negative.

Quebec will not disappear. It will not float away. It'll always be across the river and down the 417. You can always still visit when you need to. That won't change, except the status of Quebec, from an extortionist, encumbarring province to a separate nation, lacking any effect in Canada. As it should be.

Quebec must go. It's completely incompatible with Canada.

I too have friends and family in Quebec. No matter. It's way beyond time to go. There will not be any border guards, or borders. No fences. Highway 417 will still lead directly to the 40 in Quebec. Nothing wuill change, except a millstone will have been lifted off Canada's neck.

(In reference to the site www.canadadivided.com): I know the guy that runs the website. He's a fellow Ottawa South EDA board member. I've been invited to contribute articles to the site, which I will.

There's also this gem, that he was smart enough to have removed, but for which the URL used to be:
http://www.freedominion.ca/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=78770 - My fondest dream is assasinating Yvonne Ridley! That vile appologist for Islamofascism.

buckets said...

RB. You mean this one?

Unknown said...

C'mon ti, don't be shy, put in a good word for the Truthers. Stick up for your friends.

Reality Bites said...

That's the one, buckets. I couldn't find it on google, but apparently you could. I should have known better than to think he might have been smart enough to remove it. People stupid enough to publicly post their murder fantasies aren't too bright.

Reality Bites said...

Perhaps Salibi shares Seib's sentiments in one way - the template is up for a French version of the website, but it's empty except for boilerplate stuff, and there's no way to access it from the main site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. One of my readers saw the posts in freedominion and asked me if if it was Ed Sieb. I quickly discovered that you had done all the legwork. I've posted a link to your site on my own, and have notified a candidate running against him in Ottawa South.

Excellent sleuthing!
C. Allan

Anonymous said...

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