Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did Copyright Law Bring Down Rahim Jaffer And Insure A Tory Minority?

Michael Geist thinks maybe:

“I identified that area [Edmonton-Strathcona] as a potential copyright riding, which includes the University of Alberta, last January,” Geist said. “The separation between the two candidates was only a few hundred votes, so it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that a few hundred people voted the way they did because of the copyright bill.

“No Bill C-61 and perhaps those votes don’t even turn up,” he added.

Geist also seems to think some version of the Tory copyright legislation will be on the agenda this time around as well. The more it looks like C-61, the less likely it is to pass.


Anonymous said...

The last minute anti-pot ads against the NDP didn't help Rahim either. He might have wanted to solitify his base, but he pissed off a hell of a lot of people ready to vote for the Conservatives.

Gayle said...

Sorry - I live here and I do not think it had anything to do with anything except that slightly more than half the electorate do not like the CPC.

Jaffer has always benefitted from an NDP/LPC split. They are always arguing that their guy is the one to vote for to beat Jaffer. Last time the LPC vote almost collapsed, but there was still enough to deny Linda Duncan. This time we all knew she was the one to vote for - and the Edmonton Journal kept telling us in case we forgot.

The east end of the riding goes CPC, but in the west end which includes the UofA, the vote is overwhelmingly NDP.