Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rob Breakenridge: His Speech Is Free, His Math Sub-Standard

Here's Rob Breakenridge on Jim Pankiw's Human Rights case before the CHRT:

Some further thoughts on yesterday's post and specifically a point raised by Ezra Levant - one that demands some further attention. Ezra writes:

The CHRC has long ago abandoned the legal limits set out by the Supreme Court in its 1990 Taylor case, that prohibited "hate" prosecutions of political views. They are violating the constitution.

Ezra's specifically referring to the landmark Supreme Court ruling which narrowly upheld Section 13 - under which a John Ross Taylor was charged and under which former MP Jim Pankiw has been charged. You can read the full decision

Of the argument which follows, I can only say that I was impressed by it and hope Mr. Breakenridge one day finds a context to which it is appropriate.

However, Mr. Pankiw is not being charged under Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. He is being charged under sections 5, 12, and 14. While 12 deals with Publication of discriminatory notices, etc. , 5 and 14 refer to the discrimination and harassment in the provision of services. As householders, Pankiw's pamphlets are a public good/service provided by an MP to his constituents and whoever else receives them. In this case, the publications were used to harass and discriminate against a sub-set of these constituents. That, at least, is the argument.

The fact that the service provided was a pamphlet, a vehicle of communication, is tangential, and therefore so are the implications of this case for the current debate over section 13. Certainly, a repeal of section 13 would not have had any effect of this case going forward whatsoever.

Breakenridge provides a link to the original pamphlets.


Robert McClelland said...

I posted a comment on Breakenridge's blog pointing out, error. Yeah, lets call it an error.

muscocamoca said...

Great catch...btw his name is Rob not Roy

bigcitylib said...

Ouch! Thanks! Its fixed.

Dr.Dawg said...

No post over there, Robert. I assume it was deep-sixed by this brave defender of free speech.

bigcitylib said...

Dawg, no go through the link and he has offered an admission.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the honchos who run the CHRC figure they have a big bullseye painted on their ass with the impending budget crunch ?

The CHRC be a likely target as 99% of Canadians don't give a crap about these Monkey Courts and just think of them as pissing away good money by a bunch of anal type tall foreheads.

They'd be a perfect budget crunch target

bigcitylib said...


Betcha he doesn't do that either.

Ti-Guy said...

Wonder if the honchos who run the CHRC figure they have a big bullseye painted on their ass with the impending budget crunch

Look and see just how the Reichwingers are going to spinning Harper's deficit.

Good thing I speak German (Fred's native isn't English, obviously). I can handle them.