Friday, October 31, 2008

Getting Rich By Being Poor

NEW YORK - For the third straight year, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the NHL's most valuable team, worth $448 million.

..and all for fielding a squad that couldn't pull down a bronze medal at a Ringette tourney.

This why Toronto is a Mecca of Post-Modern Capitalism, and why other Canadians hate and fear us. In most towns you have to succeed to succeed. Here we rule by sucking.


Dante said...

And damn proud of it. Who else can say that they're still fans after more than 41 years without a championship.

Anonymous said...

Why do the Leafs suck so much ?

Toronto fans keep buying tickets.

NBDUDE said...


penlan said...

So insane & such a damn waste of money to a very undeserved team.

Go Canadiens Go!

Jay Currie said...

The Leafs are well deserved in the enclave of the Toronto Party.

Maria said...

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