Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mark Steyn and Macleans Acquitted

...and the best part of this is, I win my bet with Mark Bourrie. I'm a bit confused as to the amount, but I think my favorite journalism prof owes me $5 and $20. Booyah!

Update from the "Speechys are bone-heads" department.

Mrs. [Kari ] Simpson’s plan is simple—and audacious. She plans to file a human rights complaint against the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

To whom will she present the complaint?

To the tribunal itself!

“Of course, they can’t really hear a case against themselves,” she said, “so my complaint would automatically be passed on to the British Columbia Supreme Court for judicial review. But even if they were arrogant enough to hear the case, the rules say that any Human Rights Tribunal decision automatically comes up for judicial review. So one way or another, my case will be heard.


Her complaint is based on seven years’ worth of complaints to the tribunal, all made by Christians alleging religious bias against them—and all dismissed without a hearing. During this same time, the tribunal accepted many complaints against Christians, filed by homosexual activists, many of those complaints legally baseless, or even frivolous.

The tribunal may not be able to hear a case against themselves, but since the BCHRT "rules of practice and procedure" state that

A person must file a complaint:

a.within 6 months of the alleged contravention of the Code; or

b.if a continuing contravention of the Code is alleged, within 6 months of the last alleged instance of the contravention.

...Mrs. Simpson's detailing alleged offenses back to the early part of the century will get her nowhere. So, sorry ma'am, I suspect your complaint is bound for the waste-paper basket.

By the way, Kari Simpson is the lady who sued Rafi Mair for calling her a Nazi, and lost.

Ht FD.


Ti-Guy said...

Apparently, this is yet another reason to get rid of the HRC's.

For people for whom reality always proves their point, you'd think wingnuts would be more blissful, instead of shrieky and bilious all the time.

Unknown said...

That's three for three.

"Shrieky and bilious"? Ha. That's the foolish left peddling the noxious notion that any speech other their speech is hate speech.

You lose. Again.

Ti-Guy said...

You really are a hate-bag, aren't ya, Paulie?

God, I hope you don't have pets.

BCL...nuke this fuckwad already.

Unknown said...

"You really are a hate-bag, aren't ya, Paulie?"

Well, I'm not part of the lynch mob who went after Steyn, if that's what you mean.

"BCL...nuke this fuckwad already."

Translation: "I'm out of witty ripostes. Somebody, please, anybody, help me!" - ti

Ti-Guy said...

"I'm out of witty ripostes."

If I managed to wring any wit out your sheer nonsense, I'd start worrying about my sanity.

You're a big zero, Paulie.