Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bill Casey A Tory Again?

So they're saying at FreeD.

Earlier this week, Kady hosted an interesting discussion on the make-up of parliamentary committees given the number of MPs from each party in the HOC. I wonder if Casey's return (assuming that he is returning) will give the Tories their long-sought committee Majority?

Update for NN readers:

Recapping Kadey's math

143 MPS + Casey = 144 MPS= 46.7% of House Seats.

12 (standard committee size) x 0.467 = 5.6 members per committee, if these are allocated in proportion to HOC seats.

5.6 rounded up gives 6 seats per committee. Where the committee is chaired a Member of an opposition party, that is a limited majority.


me dere robert said...

I highly doubt it.

northwestern_lad said...

I have a harder time seeing Casey, just because of the history, but what about André Arthur??? He pretty much votes with the Conservatives all the time, the Conservatives didn't run anyone against him and lord knows that they could use another Québec MP. I bet that for the right offer he would officially get into the Tory bed.

Reality Bites said...

Of course this is the same site that was insisting a couple of days ago that Scott Brison was coming over.

bigcitylib said...