Tuesday, October 24, 2006

McGuinty Out in Front!

From a new Sun Media-Leger Marketing poll:

The exclusive...poll found that the Liberals have the support of 41% of Ontarians -- well ahead of the John Tory Conservatives at 34% and the Howard Hampton New Democrats at 17%.

Don't have much to say here, other than, despite the long list of promises that McGuinty has broken, his hand at Ontario's tiller has been pretty steady. In the last budget he presents before the election, he will be able to rightly and proudly claim that he has finally beat the Provincial deficit, and will be able to shower a few tax dollars on the electorate to boot. Should be a recipe for victory.

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petroom said...

Being cheeky, here's a comment on an unrelated issue (well, maybe if Kennedy is an issue):

Anyone-But-Iggy Web Poll

(Please don't pick Rae or we're doomed! Kidding; free vote - free love, peace!)