Sunday, April 15, 2007

Canadian Conservatives, Pakistani Terror

Here's a picture of Stockwell Day, Canada's Minister of Public Safety Minister, meeting with members of the MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement), a Pakistani political party whose Canadian chapter has endorsed the CPoC in both 2004 and 2006. And here's a sample of the kind of fund-raising policies that have landed the MQM a spot on The MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base (TKB) list of international terror organizations. From Chowk, a website chronicling life in Pakistan:

"Salim_Chauhan, MQM wins at-least half it's seats through coercion, just as it carries out shutter-down strikes through coercion.

MQM is just a goonda-badmash-extortionist thugs group. They go around house to house in the North Karachi, determine each household income, and impose a monthly jagga [illegal] tax. That is what pays for the Pir Saheb's upkeep in London and all those day long telephone call speeches ... hahaha ... what a joke. "

Hopefully, Stock wasn't talking taxes with these people!


Ti-Guy said...

Well, we can always forgive the Harpies because we know the unread dimbulbs who govern it certainly didn't have any information about who was endorsing them. In their rush to be inclusive of brown people, they didn't do their homework.

*sigh*...the new CPC war cry should be "Teach Me to Read!"

bigcitylib said...

True, it isn't hard to google this stuff, or put in a call to the RCMP.

Ti-Guy said...

Googling has always been part of the problem. People confuse information and knowledge. The only one of the Harpies who doesn't seem to as much is the head Harpy himself; that's why he's the Mediocrity in Chief.

Anonymous said...

This has me wondering about Wajid Khan - how will he get votes in Mississauga Streetsville?

Hmmmm - food for thought.

Anonymous said...

"teach me to read" - ah, the Conservatives cancelled funds to literacy programmes - now what.

jmnlman said...

But where do these people stand on SSM? That's the more important issue.

Anonymous said...

You guys are just pissed because they're not donating money to the Liberals any longer.