Monday, April 23, 2007

Conservatives In Retreatl

They're too scared of the fallout to engineer their own defeat over it, and they're too beholden to special interest groups to pass it. As predicted, Stephen Harper's Conservatives will abandon the Clean Air Act and sssslither away into the night. And, oh yeah, even though all the opposition parties helped rewrite it, John Baird has now officially dubbed it a "Liberal" bill. Stephane Dion should buy him lunch for that.


Red Tory said...

I'm shocked. Simply shocked, I tell you. Certainly didn't see that coming. No sirree.

Ding-Dong Kyoto's dead said...

Woo Hoo . . . hundreds of thousands of jobs saved, recession prevented.

Good work John me boy, to stare down the Deniers of Economic chaos from committing to the slavery of Kyoto.

Never again, no more money sucking, socialist, UN driven ponzi schemes. track down Maurice Strong and put him on trial in the International court for crimes against humanity, for practicing eco Imperialism.

Time for Steffi t o expose his plan. including economic analysis NOT just saying mega buckets of money.

A great day for Canada.

rabbit said...

It seems to me if that if the opposition made substantial changes to the act in committee, the conservatives are not being dishonest by rejecting it.