Friday, April 13, 2007

Torontonians Are Soulless, One-Eyed Corporate Zombies says DOA's Joey Shithead in the new documentary "Lets All Hate Toronto".

But its not true, Mr. Shithead, some of us have two eyes.

And you know what, Joey? You wanna know who ripped off your infamous "six fuks jacket" from The Smiling Buddha way back in the early 1980s? Well, keep wondering, asshole, but I can tell you it was put to good use.

(PS. What other tunes did you guys play other than that lousy cover of "Taking Care of Business"? I totally, totally can't remember.)

(PPS. Remember, if Satan's Baldy likes you, you probably suck)


A Garth Fan said...

uh huh . . two eyes.

One in the front, one in the back, each dead centered.

Anonymous said...

Still hate Jews, Murphy?

Ti-Guy said...

Man, cut off the anonymii. The neo nazis/white supremacists have gotten too bold.

Anonymous said...

I see you have no problem spitting out racist comments like redneck and other derogatory comments. But you're a little sensitive when you're the target, eh?

Suck it up and grow a pair. Now you know how everybody you sneer at and deride feels.

bigcitylib said...


Wow, you're lucky I'm not following some kind of civility code. Also, ti-guy and myself are different people.

Ti-Guy said...

Suck it up and grow a pair. Now you know how everybody you sneer at and deride feels.

Now? I've always known how it feels. (I'm a hick, remember). Why do you think I call you people "rednecks." Because it bugs you so much.

...also, because it's true. People like you are rednecks. Cousin-marryin', squirrel-shootin', hootin' 'n hollerin' foul-mouthed white trash.

Ding-Dong Kyoto's dead said...

hey . . here's a Torontonian who makes sense

poke a stick in Dion . . . he's done.

Green insanity looms: CAW

Buzz Hargrove says manufacturing could suffer if environmental standards too tough
Apr 13, 2007 12:42 PM
Canadian Press

PORT ELGIN - The Canadian Auto Workers union targeted Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the “insanity” of the environmental movement Friday as delegates talked strategy with an election ever looming and an Ontario provincial vote less than six months away.

Although historically linked with the New Democrats, union president Buzz Hargrove used a national meeting of delegates to recommend strategic voting to bolster the Liberals, both federally and provincially, and cautioned against the growing momentum of Harper’s Conservatives in the polls.

“You’ll see the real Stephen Harper, once he gets to be prime minister with a majority in the Parliament,” he warned.

With politicians increasingly absorbing green policies into their platforms, Hargrove also attacked environmentalists who want the auto sector targeted to fight climate change.

The upcoming elections are fuelling a lot of rhetoric as politicians try to “out green” one another, Hargrove said.

“Politicians are running with it now because Canadians are saying it’s a key issue in the upcoming election and it just infuriates me,” Hargrove said in a wide-ranging address to delegates.

“We stand to lose 150,000 jobs in our auto industry if the insanity of this environmental movement is allowed to continue.”

Canada is only responsible for about two per cent of the world’s total greenhouse gas production and shutting down the entire country would barely make an impact, Hargrove said.

Anonymous said...

Not all Torontonians, just the Lefties.

Anonymous said...

So, is Buzz going to now support Harper, as he believes Harper isn't really a greenie after all, and the one most likely to protect the auto industry? Follow the bouncing Buzz!

(giggle) 'greenie', like what you schnork down the back of your throat.

Anonymous said...

There's ti-guy, back with the slanderous, hateful names for anybody who doesn't think like him. Everybody who doesn't like Toronto is a neoNazi, of course.

Ti-Guy said...

Stop whining and grow a pair, 'neck.

Anonymous said...

FOESAD, ti-guy.