Wednesday, April 09, 2008

McDonald's Does It Better

This year's Rube Goldberg contest asked contestants to assemble a hamburger consisting of no less than one precooked meat patty, two vegetables and two condiments, sandwiched between two bun halves, in no LESS than 20 steps. Once again, Purdue won.

Ah, engineering students! They think their vast brains and mechanical know-how will, for some reason, get them laid. Poor fools! For that you need to major in ARTS!

I speak from the wisdom of age. I spent my university days in philosophy class. There is no more effective babe repellent than that.


Reality Bites said...

No more effective babe repellent than being a philosophy major? How about our prime minister, living proof that power isn't the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Dante said...

--How about our prime minister, living proof that power isn't the ultimate aphrodisiac.--

I've been told by a number of women that they find Harper to be attractive. You might be right with the gay population though. He doesn't seem to be the hot pants type.

BCL...the problem with you philosophy types was that you tried to seduce women in between smoking joints. The ladies just get paranoid on that stuff.
Even an economics major could tell you that Gin was the real fuel that could get your globe warming.It would guarantee that you got your emissions up too. now have me thinking about the angst Woody Alan showed in "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask" in his role as a sperm.

Reality Bites said...

Dante. Go fuck yourself you homophobic piece of shit.

Dante said...

You kiss your mama with that mouth?