Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chasing Kinsella

Remember the "cat's meat" mini- scandal and the CCCA (Chinese-Canadian Conservative Association), that did so much to keep it in the news:

The unidentified CCCA member, however, said the group actually had been contacted by the PMO with suggested "talking points" and asked to hold the press conference.

The PMO did that? Don't they have an economic collapse to manage or something?

(PS. Overall, a good piece on the news behind the news, as it were. I always like reading about the various community groups and how they interact/connect-up with the larger political parties. This one is run by Alex Yuan, P.C. candidate for Richmond Hill).


RuralSandi said...

I guess they're scared of Kinsella. Doug Finlay is a saint.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't know why the wingnuts chose the unidiomatic "catsmeat." Did Mr. Kathy Shaidle think the additional degree of illiteracy would be extra-irritating to us elitist liberals?

Because he was correct. It was more annoying.

RuralSandi said...

I've been looking and looking for the newspaper article on the Kinsella - cat meat thing. If memory serves me correctly - the owner of the restaurant's name is Bob and he said Kinsella had been going there for years and he knew he was joking and they are good friends.

If anyone can find it - you're better than me.

I'll keep trying.

RuralSandi said...
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crf said...

It's a game:
They're playing soccer in the park. Harper kicks the ball to Kenney. He passes back to his winger. The winger shoots the ball towards the goal: it hits Kinsella's leg, he kicks towards the sidelines and bounces it off the face of a Chinese person out walking his dog right into the Liberal net. Kenney congratulates the Chinese person: "What a great play: you helped us score a goal on the Liberals. WooHoo. Here's a plaque. Also, will you agree to be our "highlight of night for the next 16 weeks?"

I suppose all politicians must look at various ethnic groups and see "votes". To any non-politician, that idea must seem a little strange. But is that all the Harper party sees: "Hmm, I see you are a Chinese person. As a Chinese person, how can you help me win?"

Is no one in the Conservative party mortified that blatant pandering and point-scoring is the core of all their policies and pronouncements to do with ethnicity?

Mike Brock said...

What else does the CPC have to do these days? They are only concerned with maintaining power. They don't actually have any real policy to push forward.

Then again, neither do the Liberals.

The NDP has real policy, but I'm not particularly interested in any of it.

What really gets me about your partisan Liberals, is just how loyal you are. I mean, half the Blogging Tories (at least) have basically defected from the CPC over Harper's outright betrayal of grassroots policies.

It's a rarity to see Liberals break ranks in such numbers. James Bow comes to mind as a prominent example of a guy who went non-partisan. But the fact that you Liberal partisans are unable to see the blatant similarity between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party is beyond me.

These are two parties who real differences are window dressing.

Ti-Guy said...

I mean, half the Blogging Tories (at least) have basically defected from the CPC over Harper's outright betrayal of grassroots policies.

Oh, really?

Why don't you pack it in already, Brock. I don't think you've ever been correct or insightful about anything. You're just an insane narcissist.