Friday, April 03, 2009

Iggy's First Gaffe (In Awhile)

I’m probably walking right off the cliff into some unexpected public policy bog of which I’m unaware, but...

At this moment his aides should have run on stage and clubbed him with a stick. In fact, one of my "Lib insider" friends told me they were going to plant an electric buzzer under Iggy's jacket that would shock him any time he started improvising like this. Why has that device not been installed yet? Heads should roll.

FWIW, Iggy was right the 1st time; asbestos is terrible stuff and as a nation we should get out of the business of exporting it to 3rd world countries, not merely "warning them" of dangers they surely know all about.

As a baby step in that direction, however, why not end funding to the Chrysotile Institute (formerly known as the Asbestos institute before than name got too hot to handle)?

Why not at least make the industry pay for its own propaganda?


Ti-Guy said...

99.9% of the Canadian population don't even know what asbestos is, or what it's used for, or the thorny issues it has raised over the last few decades.

And you can thank crap media like Macleans (which is publishing LeRant and The Ponce again) for that.

Ti-Guy said...

Off-topic: Gee I wonder if Dainty ('I hope all the anti-gun advocates get hanged in the boulevard when the fascists take over') was in Binghamton today?

Anonymous said...

I kind of like Chantal Hébert's take on Iggy:
Over the first four months of his leadership, wrestling a definitive policy out of the Liberal leader has become almost as difficult as identifying a Paul Martin priority.