Thursday, April 02, 2009

History Knocks: Harper In John

Harper's press secretary says that after the working session this morning the Prime Minister was pulled aside by his officials who wanted to update him on the latest draft of the Leaders Communique to be released later this afternoon. The briefing wasn't brief enough, and so Harper was late for the photo op and missed it.

At least that's their story.

BBC TV has a different story. Their economics correspondent is reporting that the Canadian Prime Minister missed the family photo because he was "in the loo".

The PMO says it is sticking to its story, has tracked down the BBC reporter to straighten her out, and expects a correction.

Not only that, when they did the do-over photo session, Silvio Berlusconi went missing. Maybe we can make a deal with the Italians:for historical purposes, they can have the picture with our guy in it, we'll take the one with their guy in it. And both our nations can try to forget.

PS. Can we officially refer to Harper's G20 visit as "gaffe-filled" now?


RuralSandi said...

So, the leader of the CRAP (Cons/Reform/Alliance) party was in the "CRAPper".


Ti-Guy said...

The PMO says it is sticking to its story, has tracked down the BBC reporter to straighten her out, and expects a correction.

I hope the BBC reporter is preparing herself for a petulant, hissy, shrill scolding from Kory Teneycke.

Saskboy said...

I thought about writing about this, but it's such a puff piece ultimately, and it was well covered.

Unknown said...

No matter. Everyone knows Harper's still full of it.

Ti-Guy said...

I just hope the Harpies stay in character and handle this little gaffe as badly as they do everything else.

If they thought the Canadian media was...*waaaah*...unfair, just wait until the British tabloid press notices. Which it may not, since Harper is, when not petulant, boring.

Northern PoV said...

Was little Stevie really in the loo? Couldn’t wait eh?

Pleeeaaaze get to the bottom of “washroom-gate” asap!!

The world is holding its collective errr…. breath!

disclaimer: left this comment elsewhere in the blog-sphere

RuralSandi said...

Appartently BBC checked things out with officials and they're sticking to their story.

Hey, do you think it's easy being a "regular" guy?

RuralSandi said...

I just took a (ugh) boo at the Blogging Tories - not one comment on the loo story. Well, isn't that a surprise.

I would have thought Janke would be investigating this. Janke is slipping.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll get sued for libel?

You know there is no way in hell she'll be visiting Canada anytime soon.