Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Man, Would You Look At All The Old White Folk

Ezra plays Calgary, and I'll bet the place hasn't seen this much gray hair since the Rolling Stones last came through town. I suppose when the Speechy Revolution finally arrives these folk will send their grand-kids to the barricades, or they'll mount machine-guns on their walkers.

Speaking of the revolution, the Alberta Budget came down yesterday and in it was no hint of Lindsay Blackett's Human Rights reform package. Perhaps this was not the most likely place to introduce such changes, but several media outlets had suggested they might be made public this week and they have not been.
If Ezra's crusade fails in Alberta...with a Conservative majority in place there for the foreseeable future (and beyond!). Wow! Smell the flop-sweat!

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Ti-Guy said...

Ah, so sweet:

And mazel tov to my friend Nadeem Esmail, the boss of FI's Calgary office, who became a dad just last week!

That would be Nadeem "Destroy public health care" Esmail. Sample work here, at (where else) the National Review.

You know, I'm really happy these people are all finding each other. Rounding them up for the re-education camps will be so much easier.