Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nova Scotia Liberals Smear Lenore Zann

Hopefully, a photo emerges of Stephen McNeil with his schlong hanging out. Or maybe, if we're really lucky, there's a shot of this guy at a nude beach somewhere. That would be hilarious.

Mr. McNeil should apologize on behalf of his party.

(PS. And Lenore Zann is...)


Top Can said...

Wow, this is stupid.

Karen said...

I could do without the retaliation photo, but agree that this is really, really stupid.

penlan said...

Shameful thing to do. And it just gives all Cons more anti-Liberal fodder & even to some Libs who are anti-Lib right now.

sjw said...

So much for any thoughts of possibly voting Liberal in any upcoming provincial election. That idiotic little maneuver pretty much seals my vote for Darrell Dexter's NDP.

Niles said...

*Well*, let this be a *lesson* to any actor that wants to opine politically, that they can only open their mouths if they've kept dressed to the neck their entire career. In a burqa. That ought to keep those commies Paul Gross and Gordon Pinsent in line.

Not to mention, I'm sure it's news to Bob Rae that going full monty while a camera is rolling is bad for the political career.

So, the provincial Liberals in NS are like the Liberals in BC? Social Credit wolves in moribund sheeps clothing so they can get elected? Or just collectively thick as a whale omelet? Beavis and Butthead are the NS Young Liberals contingent?