Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Die Media Die, Part II!

Natty Post Circles The Drain

But what will line the parrot cage Monday mornings?


Ti-Guy said...

Buy CanWest and then sell it just before the end of August.

Just kidding. I really think Lenny and Squiggy are holding out for a bail-out and are entertaining offers from both the Liberal and Conservative business elite.

...lie to them, Iggy. Lie to them!

Anonymous said...

I suggest just printing off your blog . . . since there are only a few comments per entry, it saves on paper, saves the planet and lines the cage very nicely.

Ti-Guy said...

since there are only a few comments per entry..

Ouch! Frederica nailed you there, BCL.

Could someone send Fred off on a hunting excursion with Dick Cheney?

RuralSandi said...

Well, Fred, if you are considering yours a comment - who needs it.

It's the readership that counts.

Fred is such a grump.

Jon Dursi said...

One down, six to go.