Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stop, Gritgirl! Stop!

You're gonna make Stephen Harper cry.


Gerrard787 said...

As a conservative, I can tell you that ad doesn't draw any blood. The ominous soundtrack from a B-grade horror film doesn't help.

Dante said...

Only assholes draw on people's misery for partisan gain.

I'm glad you're giggling like a school girl. I'm sorry BCL but this smarmy comment only makes me want to punch your lights out. This isn't a game and you know better. Harper deserves criticism but the absence of any alternative plan makes this nothing but a liberal produced carnival. Your party hasn't learned a fucking thing.

Gerrard787 said...

Punch my lights out? Yeah, stand in line Mr. Big Talker. ti-guy, that slanty forehead midget, has first dibs.

Gritgirl's latest producton is out of sync with the general mood of the country. Most Canadians are wondering how we ended up so lucky in this recession that is truly battering so many other economies.

We aren't happy, we aren't grateful but we understand that our economic situation could have been far, far worse.

Besides, it's not Harper that is reneging on people's pensions, it's that Liberal with a stone heart, McGuinty.

Ti-Guy said...

Holy Mother of God, Dainty. You've come completely off the spool. Would you like me to order a 48- to 72-hour hold?

BCL, why don't you turf these two psychos already? Neither one has ever contributed anything either informative or entertaining. Just lies, insults and threats of violence.

Blues Clair said...

"As a conservative, I can tell you that ad doesn't draw any blood."

Har har.

I don't watched the ad yet grit gril, but that is a funny statement Paul S.


Gerrard787 said...

LMAO Dante, I often expect the worst of posters here and mistakenly assumed the same from you. My bad.

It's small point but likely a telling one in that the first job losses Gritgirl mentions are CBC ones.