Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From The GaltList

GaltsList Classifieds is a place for like-minded individuals to exchange goods and services on the terms they choose. There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the phenomenon of “Going Galt.” GaltsList recognizes that each individual may understand this differently and we encourage you to use this service based on your own interpretation.

What GaltsList provides that other services do not is the upfront answer to the question: Can we make a non-standard deal? GaltsList encourages creative self-sufficiency. What this means to you is up to you.

Placing a classified ad is currently free of charge. That might change.

So, what are they selling on The GaltList? Well, so far, some desert land outside of Yuma, for a trailer, and another FSBO in the same place. (Some Libertarian must have gone bust in Yuma; my folks ditched their modular in late '07 and its been downhill ever since in that town).

And there's a couple of unemployed Libertarian IT Guys plugging their services, one of them ready to work for $75.00 ( I hope thats per hour, but the ad isn't exactly clear).

Libertarians: like hippies without the hippy chicks.


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Ti-Guy said...

The reality of these "John Galts" is stranger than the fiction written by that dead lunatic.