Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Remains Of The NDP When They Abandon The Environment?

A sepia tinged photo of elderly unionistas, strumming "We Shall Overcome" on an old guitar and wearing their red berets.

In B.C., the rot is particularly advanced.


Anonymous said...

"What Remains Of The NDP When They Abandon The Environment?"


Chrystal Ocean said...

Yes, the rot here is indeed particularly advanced. For progressive British Columbians, particularly those concerned about the environment, there are few choices left. Either vote for an independent or the Green candidate.

The buzz in my riding is that some courageous Dippers are publicly coming out in support of the Green candidate, Simon Lindley, who happens to be the best this riding has ever seen from the GPBC.

In our case, it's not just the NDP's ridiculous position on the carbon tax, but also what is rumoured to have been a rigged nomination. The anointed NDP candidate almost immediately came up against a grassroots movement which had substantial local support. Among the ironies is that the NDP, both provincially and federally, regularly supports such projects. As does our NDP MP Jean Crowder in this case.

Our BC NDP candidate may still win, because he's a former long-time president of the local Steelworkers Union and it was those union votes which got him the candidacy in the first place. But he could have a fight on his hands.

Saskboy said...

This post sure drew the ire of some NDP bloggers.

Anonymous said...

What remains is a dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

"What remains is a dinosaur."

What type? A T-Rex!

Dirk Buchholz said...

Damn do I live in lala land or what,surly you do not believe that this tax on gas and heating fuels is going to change or lower emissions one fucking iota ?
It will make heating oil more expensive for working people and those on fixed incomes.
Then there's the commitment of the BC Lib's to expanding roads and freeways at the expense of transit,yeah that will "lower" carbon emissions.
For the money the Lib's earmarked for freeways etc,the entire lower mainland could have been crisscrossed with light rail/a comprehensive transit plan...
i.e giving working people a real option,i.e getting out of their cars,i.e the quickest way to lowering carbon emissions,i.e changing the way we live,i.e sustainability,i.e the only thing that will lower carbon emissions.
For any one to use this tax rejection as some kind of yardstick to judge the NDP's supposed lack of commitment to the environment is not only laughable,but speaks more of the "intelligence" of those that actually believe that this tax will change anything,lol.
P.S read the NDP's position before you paint yourselves into a illogical corner.
Indeed get your facts straight,your "partisan slip" is showing...it's politics my friends, political posturing,more Liberal bs.And god knows the Liberal bullshit is quite thick here in B.C. at the moment.