Friday, April 03, 2009

Ezra Invokes The Elders Of Zion

Apparently, they're the ones that stepped in and got Kinsella fired from the CJC:

That letter is an after-the-fact attempt at spin by Kinsella. In February, he threatened to blackball and bad-mouth the Canada-Israel Committee, a sister organization to the Canadian Jewish Congress. The Jewish community's central advocacy agency ordered Kinsella off the CJC. He asked to 'resign' instead of being fired, just to save face. But fired he was.

Yo Ez, who exactly is on the Jewish community's central advocacy agency? Freud? Jesus? Wittgenstein? Ron Jeremy? And do they live on UFOs over the Jewish quarter of Montreal, or what? And as a non-Jew, can I join? Do I get a cash card that never runs out? What's the deal?


Ti-Guy said...

Jewish community's central advocacy agency

Ah, so now we have the JCCAA?

This is getting really complicated. Let's just call it all Big Jew.

...I await the usual denunciations. One at a time, please.

Mitka said...

No, on this one I am with you Ti-Guy. I have no idea what in blazes Ezra is ranting about. If this secret-decoder-ring-shadowy-Jewish-group wanted Kinsella fired, why didn't they just fire him? If they never wanted to see him again why write publicly that they will be bringing him back to CJC?

Methinks Ezra knows he has been caught in another "made up" story and is desperately scrambling to hang on. However on this one he is shit out of luck. Unless his next lie er I mean post is that the CJC letter was "made-up" this will not go over well for Levant.

Pulling up a chair, preparing the pop-corn and pouring a Pepsi..this has all the earmarks of a great show, Lets call it Oh....
"Levant's Last Rant"

Ti-Guy said...

I just love how all the usual wingnuts are asking all kinds of questions over at ARC that can only really be answered by the CJC and question the authenticity of the letter when neither the Non-Entity Jay Currie nor Ezra himself have ever provided any evidence to substantiate the claims they've made.

And the Non-Entity's whining about comment moderation, when Levant himself is the most authoritarian comment moderator there is.

Kids. Sure keep ya hoppin'.

@wiselaw said...

Ron Jeremy????

You forgot to include all the living descendants of Curly Howard.

(Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

Too funny, BCL.

Kurt Phillips said...

As much fun as watching Jay Currie twist in the wind over it, we just addressed one portion of his paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Well then, I can't wait for the lawsuits and to find the truth.....

Because so far, and I hate to admit this, none of the participants look all that good - and this includes WK.