Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I got an email yesterday afternoon from CBCs Ryan Hicks: would I be willing to appear on a bloggers panel with none other than Stephen Taylor to discuss the Libs photo contest gone awry ? The result is here, You have to scroll to the start of hour number two (that is, about 1:10 in), as we got bumped from the five fifteen spot by (frankly) more important events--rumours of prorogation and the like. Weird thing: I promised Ryan Hicks that I wouldn't trash Kady O'Malley on air for not reporting endlessly on ClimateGate, and then she didn't even show up!

The highlight is probably at the end where Taylor claims that "ad hominom attacks never work", these words intoned with well-faked sincerity.

Afterwards, stuck downtown, I tried taking myself out for a victory dinner. But Reillys, with the City's best wings, is gone, and everything along Yonge Street was packed. I finally settled on a Firken pub off Queen. I considered telling them that I shouldn't really have to pay because I had been on CBC, but didn't. They fucked up my order anyway.

In any case, the video segment begs the question: when seen together on the same television screen, who is hotter, me or Stephen Taylor? Readers may feel free to watch it and then take the following poll:


JimBobby said...

Whooee! You done good, MurphMan. BTW, I knew you were going to be on the TV on accounta Taylor's twitterin' tweet.

Jeff Jedras said...

Watched it live last night MJ, nice work. You looked like a natural, and made good points. I thought Taylor was rather stretching credulity a few times in a rather giant glass house.

Steve V said...

Good job my friend.

Robert McClelland said...

Ignore the handjobs you're getting from Jeff and Steve. You were obviously unprepared and it showed; a mistake progressives make far too often in media appearances. Taylor on the other hand once again demonstrated that he is a professional hack; he clearly had a crib sheet with his talking points laid out.

Jerome Bastien said...

Congrats BCL that's awesome. I will be watching it tonight (no speakers at work).

Tof KW said...

The only bad part was that Taylor got the last word without leaving you an opportunity to respond to his hypocrisy. Not only the bit about “ad hominom attacks never working" (yet Taylor and the CPC employ the tactic almost daily), but he had the gall to say this shows the grits are not ready to govern, despite the CBC minutes earlier showing the Reformatories very official ad with bullet marks around Dion’s head from the last election campaign. Hmm Mr Taylor, if this somehow shows the Libs aren’t ready for prime time, that speaks wonders of your gang who actually hold the job.

bigcitylib said...

SOMEBODY didn't get invited on CBC, eh Robert?

R.G. Harvie said...

I'm of two minds.

There is a part of me that appreciates your earlier post, BCL, that jokes about killing a political leader are never funny.. but then again, I think sometimes partisans go a little over the top, on either side of the fence, with their indignation.

..oh, and here in homophobic Alberta, I'm afraid I can't admit that any guy is better looking than another guy.

Except Elvis.

I'd sleep with Elvis, I mean, if I had to..

Ti-Guy said...

At what time index do you appear exactly, BCL? All I see at the beginning of hour two is the bit with Laurie Hawn.

Garry J. Wise, Wise Law Office, Toronto said...

Just saw it.

I thought you were pitch perfect, and the discussion was actually quite informative.

Well done, BCL.

(The segment starts at 1:15:00, more or less, btw)

bigcitylib said...

Ti-guy. Sorry, its beginning of 2nd hour.

Ti-Guy said...

Thanks. I really despise Power and Politics so I don't like to be exposed to it more than I have to.

Ti-Guy said...

Ok, I watched it. You did fine BCL, but there's really nothing that can be done with that format. Two seconds to discuss a non-story with a taking-point spewing automaton like Stephen Taylor?

I had to guffaw at his remark that there are a lot of "unhinged individuals" out there. Indeed. Quite a few them are right there on his Blogging Tory aggregator.

JimBobby said...

With all due respect, I wonder if the OTT mock outrage and manufactured kerfuffle ain't really masterful CPC chess move. Hey look! Shiny thing that ain't in Copenhagen or Afghanistan.

Editorial cartoonists use the kill-'em-in-effigy shtick all the time and nobody gets their knickers all in a twist.

Colvin's rebuttal came out today. Canada got it's 6 fossil of the day award yesterday. The Afghanistan committee was sabotaged by Con politburo members. Prentice's watered down tar sands emissions targets were leaked.

I'm glad you fellers is gettin' some facetime on the TV but at the risk of soundin' like a Con talkin' about torture, there's not much to see here.

BTW, Taylor looked like what he is: a paid shill with a list of talking points.


me myself and I said...


Speaking of what's-his-name on CBC. He was doing a pathetic interview with a Noo Yawk lesbian writer and undiplomatically panned her book. At the end he had the chudspah to ask what she thought of him and of course, she replied "You're a dick".


Ti-Guy said...

I wonder if the OTT mock outrage and manufactured kerfuffle ain't really masterful CPC chess move. Hey look! Shiny thing that ain't in Copenhagen or Afghanistan.

I don't think so. It's just what Conservatives do.

900ft Jesus said...

I didn’t think you look unprepared. You seemed relaxed, showing you didn’t need a polished script or talking points because you know the subject so well. Gives credibility. Taylor...nothing to add that hasn’t been said - except he should get advice on shaping his facial hair. That style makes his cheeks look pouchy, like a deformed prairie dog bring home food for the winter.

Gayle said...

You did fine.

Basically, the LPC line on this has been good, and you seemed in tune with it.

It was a bad thing, it merited an apology. An apology was proffered. (Not sure if it has been accepted yet).

Let's move on now.

sassy said...

BCL - you came across as someone who understands internet politics whereas, ST came across as a desperate door-to-door used car salesman* operating out of a trailer.

*With apologies to used car salespersons everywhere.

LK Taylor said...

I watched the interview, you're a daily 'must-read' for me, and thanks for keeping the media on their toes. We need it. I caught BCINTO as well. It's all good! LK

Jeff Davidson said...

Fine job. I have to agree with Ti-Guy regarding Taylor's concern surrounding the unhinged folks out there. When was the last time Mr. Taylor took a serious look at his own spawn?

Hunter, DoDo, the big puffy guy who's fit and angry, Neo the gun-toting hillbilly and several others are all mad as can be.