Thursday, December 24, 2009

Selley On KAIROS

Heaven only knows what went on here. Maybe it's just general hamhandedness. Maybe they [Kenney et al] hoped the benefits reaped whilst people assumed they'd taken a stand against anti-Semitism and/or for Israel would outweigh the damage reaped by disavowing the idea on a day when everyone's shopping instead of reading the Star. Maybe Ms. Oda really did make the decision on her own, and Mr. Kenney decided he'd try to score some disingenuous points with it in Israel. Whatever happened, it's a complete insult to Canadians' intelligence — and Israelis', come to think of it. And it's proof positive, as if any was needed, that nobody should put any stock in what any Canadian politician says. Ever. About anything.

Well, not Jason Kenney, anyway.


WesternGrit said...

It's all part of the Conservatives trying VERY hard to appear "friendly" to certain minorities. These same minorities would be stupid to believe that Conservative ideals appeal to any but perhaps a small handful of their issues.

The Cons have benefit even slightly too much from this fake "love-in" with minorities. It's all a sham. The main ideals and principles behind conservatism - particularly neoConservatism - simply do not jive with the needs and concerns of minority cultures. It simply doesn't make political sense. People are starting to realize this, and see through the sham.

Unknown said...

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