Friday, November 04, 2011

Bourrie's "Banned By Fox News North" Story Goes Virile

I mean viral.  But why would anyone possibly want to keep this face off of television?

 A couple of MSM stories out there now about how Mark Bourrie, whose latest book is about WWII government censorship of the press in Canada, got banned from putatively free-speech loving Sun TV.  They just serve as a reminder that 99.9% percent of the argument pro-Speechy is pure hypocrisy.  Though, to be fair, Mark still believes. But, believe me, Sun TV doesn't; the only reason they want unrestricted free speech is to bash Muzzis and Gays. 


ridenrain said...

Never heard of the guy.

double nickel said...

ridenhard...still trolling after all these years.

Scanner said...

I listened to an Ideas program (CBC Radio 1) the other night about This Hour has Seven Days - it's history of struggle against the government and the CBC management and how Patrick Watson and Douglas Leiterman declared war on the CBC management. ( )
This would be impossible today. No one would have the courage those two showed. Beryl Fox's documentary The Mills of the Gods would never be shown on a TV station in this country. And could you even conceive of Stephen Harper in the Hot Seat?
We are mewling slugs, taking what pap is fed to us. Even the internet is without guts in this country.
Our federal government consists of a bunch of bigoted, fat, self satisfied goons - this should be the world's best fodder for mockery and satire but the best we get is Rick Mercer's rant and Rick, while insightful and funny, has no cruelty in him. We need cruelty and viciousness to hold these pusillanimous prats to light.
Sun TeeVee and all who ship aboard her have no courage. If they had, they would throw their masks aside and show us the true face of conservatism - bigoted, writhing with hatred and self-righteousness. Pierre-Karl will end up bereft of printing presses, TV licenses and journals because he is only arrogant, not smart and arrogant like daddy. Good riddance.
As for Mark? The Sun's loss is Bourrie's gain and I'm sure he knows that.

jane smith said...

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