Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Must Be A Slow News Day

No less than three progressive blogger types are arguing over whether the Sunshine Girl should be phased out and yet none of them have provided a picture of the girl that triggered the debate (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais).  So, apparently that's become my job.  Here's a shot that's relatively chaste:

...but which raises the obvious question: is it really possible? And, in answer, as a science-based kind of guy, I would note that in Science there are inviolable laws of Nature.  One of these is that gravity always wins.  If you see a situation where this law appears to be violated, you start looking around for unnatural sources of support.

As a couple of side notes, it is entirely unsurprising that Marie-Claude is popular at comic book conventions.  And, secondly, if the nation ever does split apart, I'm going with Quebec.


Volkov said...

Sign me up for the Pequistes.

Lars said...

Skinny hips. And a bit top-heavy.

Steve Bloom said...

Some consider those features rather than bugs, Lars.

And actually, BCL, I thinks it would be more accurate to say "internal tension" than "support" as such.