Thursday, November 03, 2011

Watch Shaidle Grovel

...way, way back on her back pages:

 I previously published material here that attacked the personal reputation of Mr. Kinsella. Those allegations were false and...

With the promise of more grovelling to come, apparently.


sharonapple88 said...

"Watch Shaidle Grovel"

She could do a better job at this. If it's new, she's buried it via backdating. The heading's also "Toronto School Board calls your family’s home ‘a poisoned environment’." It almost makes you question her sincerity. ;)

bigcitylib said...

She just rewrote an old post rather than doing a new one where everyone could see it.

sharonapple88 said...


Isn't she a little old to do this rebellious teen insincere apology stuff?

liberal supporter said...

She's such a silly person

Steve Bloom said...


I see that Mike Mann's libel suit against Tim Ball is starting to bear fruit. One might gloat cheaply.

Also, here's an opportunity for even more cheap gloating. Apparently it hasn't occurred to Anthony that if he's right this campaign won't do him a speck of good, although it's as likely he's just making this up to 'splain a drop in traffic (possibly BEST-related?). But good on Google if it's true.

Both icky links nofollowed thank you very much.