Monday, November 21, 2011

MikeHudak/Tim Harris

Ontario News Watch has been gradually expanding beyond simple news aggregation into investigative jurnalism, with occasionally impressive results.  For example, this story:

Directly contrary to what PC leader Tim Hudak's advisors have been saying publicly for two years, a number of former Premier Mike Harris' so-called "Whiz Kids" were involved at the highest levels of the Tim Hudak election campaign, crafting strategy both before and during the fall election, has confirmed with multiple sources.

Not surprising, of course, but also not confirmed until today.  And if the Hudak campaign seemed to resemble earlier Mike Harris go-rounds in its attempts to exploit wedge issues, there's a reason for that:

Sources also say it was Mr. [Paul] Rhodes, along with campaign aides Chad Rogers and Jason Lietaer, that pushed hard for Mr. Hudak to use the controversial phrase "foreign workers" to describe those who would benefit from the Liberal promise to subsidize the salaries of professional immigrants for a year.


Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Rogers bragged to colleagues they'd found the "silver bullet" to take down the Liberals, the source said.

But my favoroite bit is this exchange with Whiz kid Leslie Noble, who co-chaired Mr. Harris' 1995 and 1999 campaigns, and who regularly attended Hudak campaign strategy meetings:

 "I don't need to take calls like this on a Sunday fucking night...What kind of a horse-shit story is this?" she asked.

Nice job.


crf said...

This is yet more evidence that Hudak never had any much control over the right-wing faction of his own party. He is a weak leader, and these ideologues smelled blood, and seized control.


Unknown said...

Let's not forget that Hudak is married to one of Harris' main advisers. Timmy is not a leader, he is a meat puppet for the same people who ran the Harris govt.

mauser98 said...

McSquinty finds God.Dunc and him say no carbon tax. Kooki Suzuki where are you? construction stop at power plant takes 53 days since election! who pays for this?