Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CRTC Has Fox News North License Pulled For Cheating

 The CRTC has officially approved TVA Group’s request to revoke the broadcasting licence for CKXT-TV and its related transmitters. The issue first surfaced in May, when some cable providers complained the channel’s parent company, Quebecor, was using the station to air Sun News programming over the “free” airwaves -- in addition to its specialty cable service, which requires a fee. In the words of its competitors, Sun News was trying to have it both ways.

Essentially, this means no more free access to Sun News. From now on, Sun News can only be viewed on cable and satellite services that have made a deal with Quebecor to carry the station.

Revenues: down 86%.

Average viewership: not enough to fill a hockey rink.

No wonder Ezra is so obsessed with the tent city in St. James Park; he knows he may need cheap accommodations in the very near future.


psa said...

----> hahaha!

Jymn Parrett said...

Beautiful. Sometimes there is justice. Not often and not enough but hell, it's good to see once in a awhile.

liberal supporter said...

They wanted to get rid of the CKXT over the air station anyway. They ran at 3000 watts, just enough to hit the city and nowhere else (while Global runs at 100,000 watts and gets to Barrie, Buffalo, Kitchener and Newcastle).
They just needed to be a "broadcaster" to support their application for a Category 1 license (cable *must* carry it in the 2-12 channels). That gets lots of fees, but CRTC ruled they are a specialty channel, not a conventional broadcaster.

Once Steve appoints Kory to be the head of CRTC, Quebecor will fire up the transmitter again and get their Cat 1.