Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who Should Train The Rat Pack Of Tommorow?

Sheila, obviously.  I have always been a huge fan.  And I think the party could use an injection of the kind of spine she and her fellow rat-packers provided back in the day.  Bob Rae is a fine orator and a good leader (interim or otherwise), but running an effective opposition means finding ways of getting under the government's skin.  And I'm not seeing that yet (although the walk-out was a good stunt). 

And yes I realize the party Prez doesn't have much to do with the day to day performances in the HOC. 


Gyor said...

I don't know how to break this to you, but the next "rat pack" won't be liberal, it'll be newdemocracts. The NDP is the party of young excited MPs. I expect the next rat pack will consist of Ruth Ellen, the McGill four, Rathika, a bunch of others, the veteran of which will be leadership candiatate Nikki Ashton. Mulcair who was a member of the Quebec Liberal rat pack, will train them, along, with Megan Leslie.

bigcitylib said...

More power to 'em. When will we see this? Because so far the NDP hasn't been too effective.

sharonapple88 said...

And I'm not seeing that yet (although the walk-out was a good stunt).

It brought more attention to the situation than the party would have drawn to the issue than by simply voting it down.

As for getting under the government's skin... what about the "Golden Shower" bit by Brisson?... Maybe more funny than irritating.... I do think Scott Brison has it in him to go for the goverment's jugular.

How about Sean Casey's little stunt in committee?

the next rat pack will consist of Ruth Ellen,

From the current evidence, Brosseau's not much of an attack politician (not that you have to be one to sit in the House of Commons). Realistically, I could see Mulcair, Godin, and Pat Martin as the new NDP rat pack. The question is whether the three can work together.

Right now wouldn't mind seeing some fight from any of the parties. There are some major bills being passed right now -- the wheat board, the long-gun registry, the crime bill. Streak. Just do something.