Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dalton McGuinty Is Jesus

..or, at least, not Bob Rae.  But I believe him when he says he won't run.  Which so far gives us for the Liberal Leadership race an allegedly reluctant Bob Rae (banned from competing by the LPoC youth elite) vs. Borys Who?, who is intriguing but way low profile.  Steve, Jeff...where is this Teenage Jesus you seek?


sharonapple88 said...

where is this Teenage Jesus you seek?

If not McGuinty, maybe Dwight Duncan, McGuinty's Peter. ;P

At this point the party should just consider drafting candidates.

Jeff Jedras said...

I'm not looking for a saviour, BCL. I've already given myself up to a higher power. But if you seek salvation, I'd be happy to help you find a local house or worship and support you on your journey of spiritual awakening.

As for this alleged Liberal leadership race, it doesn't start for a year or two so I'd suggest drinking a snapple and watching some beach volleyball in the interim.

Steve V said...

where is this Teenage Jesus you seek?

I would hope he's getting laid.

crf said...

The last Mayoral candidates for Vancouver, Peter Ladner and Gregor Robertson, would likely fit as Liberal leaders. (Robertson is the mayor now, and will likely win a second term tomorrow).

crf said...

Robertson won Vancouver's mayoralty, in a 19000 vote landslide, over the conservative NPA candidate Anton.

So he's locked up for up to three years. But the Liberal Party of Canada ought at least to be talking to this guy frequently.