Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tim Hortons Gets All Phisticated

This may change everything:

Starting next week the iconic national chain will begin offering customers espresso, lattes and brewed-on-the-spot cappuccinos, all made from sophisticated machines that have been quietly been making their way into Tim’s outlets across Canada.

Seriously.  Their regular stuff is the coffee version of that wine you buy in big plastic bags.  Why not aspire to something a little more upmarket?  The question is, how will the new and old clienteles get on?  Will truckers and conceptual artists lie down together, or will there be fighting in the aisles? 

And I wonder if the espresso will be any cheaper then the competition's?  Every mall I go to, its exactly $2.63.  C'mon Timmys, lets have a bean war.

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Southern Quebec said...

Things will not change for real at Timmy's until they get WiFi. That's change I can believe in!