Friday, November 11, 2011

Tim Hudak Still Won't Admit To Gay Bashing During Election Campaign...

 We're still talking about that flyer that got them into so much trouble in October:
On Friday the PC Party held firm and refused to apologize.  “We addressed this during the campaign,” Alan Sakach, the party’s director of communications, told the Toronto Star.  “Our issue is this curriculum specifically told teachers not to consult with parents and that is the crux of the matter.”
The crux of the matter is that this claim has not ceased to be bullshit since the election:  the TDSB felt that best practice was to inform parents of any equity issues that arise might during a term at the beginning of that term, just  not on a daily basis. 

You know, if Mr. Hudak wants to be Premier of this province he's going to have to own up to a few mistakes.  This was a big one.  Why play silly games about it at this late date?

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Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

That's easy, it's because he's realised it's never going to happen anyway, so who gives a fuck? He might just as well engage in all the crazy he wants.