Saturday, November 26, 2011

Damn Good Question

I'm wondering why Arianna Huffington aimed the Canadian version of her blog towards a right-wing perspective. Not just any conservative viewpoint but a decidedly Sun Media version.

Now, Huffpo Canada is not entirely one-sided.  They've given Kevin Grandia a column.  And teen Libertarian Jaworski deserves an outlet even if his politics are cracked.  But the whole gang from Ethical Oil, for example, has set up shop over there as well, including PMO staffer Alykhan Velshi

HuffPo Canada is thus in danger of making itself redundant.  Too much of the same product is on offer in too many places.

PS. I should note that I typically refer to all Libertarians as "teen" Libertarians.  Its indicative in this case of a state of mind.  As Jaworski notes off-line, he is in fact somewhat older.  And good luck with your dissertation, Jaworski.


Calivancouver said...

I'm really not sure what you mean

They seem like a reasonably left-of-center outfit to me

Jymn Parrett said...

Calivancouver - Danielle Crittenden, David Frum, Peter Worthington, Kathryn "Ethical Oil" Marshall all sharing the top left column the last few days. I'd say that's pretty far right to me.

Terrence said...

"teen libertarian Jaworski"

You're such a jackass :-)

Holly Stick said...

Alberta Suns are cutting staff: