Tuesday, December 26, 2006


As we all know, you WIN Xmas when the total dollar value of gifts you receive exceeds the total dollar value of gifts you give.

In my case, I'm down about $20 to the wife, but managed to palm off a fistful of dollar store trinkets to various in-laws in exchange for a cordless phone and a new electric razor. So I'm feeling pretty good about Xmas '06. I didn't just WIN the holiday season, it's as though I GAMMONED it!

Meanwhile, the month-long binge continues apace, with a hog and a turkey sacrificed thus far in the name of Baby Jesus. I have a last Boxing Day event today at another inlaw's place.

One more pig must die, and I shall be set free.


Robert said...

Merry Christmas BCL!

Ti-Guy said...

Gosh, what a tender story. I'm welling up.

wolfvillewatch said...

Is this your typical response to Christmas? Perhaps you feel entitled? Guess we are too traditional around here.

bigcitylib said...

Yes, I do feel entitled. In a free society, even Scrooge has rights!

Merry Christmas said...

well at least you should be able to recognize the pig,

After all, kin is kin