Saturday, December 02, 2006


Yesterday, in a Post entitled They are calling it Iggymentum, Ted, my favorite Iggynaut, and master of all things Iggy, wrote:

I was talking with a few reporters Wednesday night and last night and we all agreed that Ignatieff's first ballot support will likely be about 31-32%. If it is below 30%, then Ignatieff may be in trouble, but if he's got 35% then it's game over.

And then, after Iggy's speech, the rhetorical equivalent of elevator muzak, I look at The Star this morning and I see:

MONTREAL—Michael Ignatieff, the long-time front-runner in the Liberal leadership race, was stuck at a disappointing 29 per cent in the all-important first round of balloting last night.

It's below the 30 per cent he was supposed to have already and well below the 35 per cent mark he needed to show winning-potential momentum.

Trouble in Iggynation? I'm betting on a second round showing of under 25%.

(It's the thong scandal that did him in)

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