Thursday, December 21, 2006

Spear-Chucker Update: Day Was Comparing Easterners To Indians, Not Blacks

Jeff at Where'd That Bug Go has managed to find an alternative definition of "Spear-Chucker" that seems more likely to be the meaning of a B.C. Interior politician like Stockwell Day:

3. One who throws spears made of wood at nearby wildlife or in some cases livestock. Usually of native descent.

So Stockwell was actually comparing Easterners to primitive Indians, not dumb Black males, as I first suspected. I apologize for the error

Unless of course Stockwell is secretly a genius of rhetoric who was attempting to slag off two different races in a single remark. (Three races, if you count Easterners)


Anonymous said...

No, I am pretty sure it was blacks.

wilson said...

If you want to know the REAL meaning of 'spear chucker' in Day's reference to it, it is found in the President of BC Forest Professionals speech in 2005.

Randy Trerise
RPF President.
(BC Forest Professionals Conference and General Meeting)
''I also have three personal goals for my year as your president. My first goal is to build on a concept that was advance by a man I have great respect for, Bill Young.
He spoke about spear chuckers and bridge builders.
Spear chuckers enter into a debate and throw spears at the process. This results in friction and difficulty finding a successful resolution.
In some cases, the spear chucker may not even want to resolve the problem.
On the other hand, bridge builders enter into a debate with a positive and proactive, cando attitude. They believe we can build bridges to a brighter tomorrow.
I will do my best to be a bridge suilder and not a spear chucker.''

Liberals are definitely spear chuckers by this definition!

Anonymous said...

here's the link
goto page 7 ...*pdf file

bigcitylib said...


Clearly, whatever Stockwell meant, he owes the country an explanation.

EX-NDIP said...

Wasn't he speaking of the Natives that now run Ontario????

Unknown said...

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