Saturday, December 23, 2006

U.S. Cold Weather Apparel Retailers Worry About 1st Global Warming Xmas


"It's a fact of life: you need cold weather to sell cold-weather products," said Barry Kay, co-president of Herman Kay, a Seventh Avenue clothing company that supplies coats to department stores like Macy's and J. C. Penney. The season, he said, "has been very tough."

Temperatures are up about 15 degrees Fahrenheit in New York, and sales of coats, scarves and gloves are expected to be off 20 per cent.

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Merry Christmas . . . said...

and the total lack of hurricanes this past season, which is of course 100% proof of global cooling, has totally killed off the lucrative business of selling weather cancellation insurance to all the snowbird vacationers traveling to the Caribbean.

Merry Christmas, may god's blessings and master plan for normal climate evolution be upon you.