Friday, December 01, 2006

Liberals Choose The Past

Part of the fun of watching the Liberal Convention play out (from the safety of my Toronto apartment) has been the expectation that Montreal would be the last delegated convention in the history of Canada. The Libs would step into the 21st Century, and step away from this combination of bacchanal and back-room negotiating sessions. But no, apparently not:

MONTREAL -- The drive to modernize the federal Liberal party hit a roadblock Thursday when delegates flatly rejected a shift to a one-member, one-vote leadership process.

Warning: Libs are getting alot of good coverage today, but this kind of three-ring circus will swiftly come to be seen as an embarrassing anachronism, like beauty pageants or dwarf tossing. A vote to retain the current format also signifies that the Party does not trust its general membership to choose a party leader acceptable to its Elite (the people that show up for these wing-dings). This decision will come out as a net Negative when it comes to growing that general Membership, although party insiders are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief this morning.

All I or anyone should have to do to participate in Party politics of any stripe is pay a fee, watch some speeches on television, and cast my e-ballot or, failing that, walk to a nearby highschool/church/library and pencil an x on a real ballot.

9:00 am update: Red Tory has a good post on the same topic this morning. I heartily second his words.


Unknown said...

A $995 convention fee plus costs of the trip to get a say in the process is a joke. Even the Alberta Convervative party is 1 member 1 vote. It's sad that this party talks of renewal yet voted this down.

canuckistanian said...

this makes me think the party needs a longer time out in opposition. a long bout of self-reflection is crucial to learn from your mistakes and move forward. without corporate donations the party needs grassroots. this decision will only alienate them further. so much for renewal. RT had a good point though...where the hell is mr. renewal gerry kennedy crying afoul??? so much for him being the renewal candidate.