Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Meet The Zoobombs

One of my favorite bands of the last ten years is a Japanese "rap-Rock" outfit called The Zoobombs. Their sound ranges from a form of sweaty garage rock to Rolling Stone's Covers to (my favorite) Beck-like numbers with absolutely frantic rapping in almost incomprehensible English. In fact, part of the band mythos is that they learned English entirely from listening to Rolling Stones albums. They're apparently big Toronto fans, although I've never seen them here, and recorded their Live Album, "Bomb you Live", in 2000 at the El Mo.

I discovered this video while playing around on YouTube. It's one I haven't heard before:

Other great tunes include "Jumbo", "Tighten Rap", "Use Me", "Got Baby if you Want It", and "Nobody Like You".

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Anonymous said...

I really wish someone would get the video to Tighten Rap on YouTube!