Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bob Rae Will Run as a Liberal the next federal election.

So says my favorite elfin type, Jason Cherniak; therefore it must be true.

That means Bob is no tourist. Great news, as I think he can still pull some NDP votes even if he's just running for a potential cabinet position. A great catch for the party, anyway.

By the way, a very classy move by him last night--releasing his delegates to vote their conscience and eschewing deals. Also, I am assuming that Ignatieff was "in on" the delay of the fourth ballot results until news time. Big of him, and generally he showed a fair bit of class as well.

I missed Smitherman (I think) saying something rather nasty, but I have not heard the remark replayed. Can anyone enlighten me?


Unknown said...

I thought the whole affair was quite classy. To only exception being an Ignatieff supporter accusing Kennedy of "backroom deals," which I think is baseless. Ignatieff himself showed class though, as did Rae and everyone else. I'm glad that Rae is going to run, it's great for the party, and Canada.

Anonymous said...

Rae's camp protested Kennedy, Dryden and Ignatieff camp delegates and this lost Kennedy 17 AB delegates that were already at the convention. These were earned spots and cheated Kennedy out of 3rd place on the first ballot.

Furthermore, Rae refused to shake Kennedy's hand after the final vote. Hardly a class act.