Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pat Martin & Big Assed Jack Layton Join the Fringe

Led by right wing mouth breather Ezra Levant, NDP MP Pat Martin and Party leader Jack "Assman" Layton pandered to the lowest form of nativism today by demanding that Lib Leader Stephane Dion give up his French citizenship:

Mr. Martin said it would be "common sense for Dion to renounce his French citizenship."

"Mr. Dion should not have divided loyalties," the Manitoba MP said.

"If he were ever to be the premier leader of Canada, this is going to be a problem for him and he should not be so dismissive of people raising the question," Mr. Martin said.

Jack Layton too joined the madness, saying that:

I would prefer that a leader of a party hold only Canadian citizenship, because one represents many Canadians, and for me that means that it's better to remain the citizen of one country.

What solid reason can anyone give for Dion to renounce his citizenship, other than that this might appease a few Conservative bush monkeys from the foothills past the outskirts of Gooberville? Does anyone seriously believe, as Mr. Martin suggests, that Dion might, as Prime Minister, have to recuse himself from French/Canadian trade negotiations because of his moma was born in France?

And if Pat and Jack really feel Dion's loyalty is to France first, how would a mere renunciation of citizenship change this? The man lived in Paris, for chrissakes, he's eaten snails! His soul may be infected with Frenchiness, and therefore entirely past saving.

What really galls me is the hypocrisy involved here. In Ezzy Levant's original column, he writes:

Imagine the shrieks from the media if the Conservatives were to elect a leader who is a dual citizen of the U.S.

This is actually pretty easy to imagine, as the Alberta Conservatives almost did elect Ted Morton for party leader and Premier. But I personally did not hear anything in the way of shrieking over the matter. There were too many other issues with the guy to worry about trivia.

However, maybe some concern should have been expressed. If Ted really was some kind of Yankee fifth columnist, he could have done immense damage as Alberta Premier. For example, say Dion became PM and levied a 1/2 penny gas tax. Maybe Ted's American Masters would order him to take Alberta out of Confederation, become the 52nd state, build a wall around Alberta, and lob encephalitic downers over the wall at Toronto with some kind of giant catapult?

In fact, though his leadership bid failed, Ted will almost certainly assume a powerful position within the Alberta government. He might still be a danger to the nation. Shouldn't he be required to renounce his dual citizenship, and maybe tear up an American flag on television just for good measure?

Perhaps we should hold a full-blown witch-hunt! According to CTV:

Dozens of MPs were actually born outside of Canada, although they may not necessarily retain their dual citizenship. Among them, Justice Minister Vic Toews was born in Paraguay, Health Minister Tony Clement in England, and New Democrat Olivia Chow in Hong Kong.

They might all betray Canada, unless we--I don't know, how to you renounce your citizenship?--make them do a little dance on TV that ends with their tearing up their foreign passports.

PS. Thumbs down to Liberal MP Paul Szabo, for drinking from the same coolaid container.


Anonymous said...

Dion's mother was born in France, Dion and his father were born in Canada. I wonder why his mother got her son a French citizenship?

bigcitylib said...

It's automatic. No "getting" was involved.

Jay said...

The same Paul Szabo who will possibly vote yes to reopen SSM? Me thinks this guy should get the boot and before the next election.

Saskboy said...

Layton just keeps handing people reason to vote Green instead.

Budd Campbell said...

Saskboy and other Liberals have to realize that their constant defence of anything the Liberal Party does get's a bit tiresome. You play that game and wisecracks about "Liberal Divine Right to Rule" and "Liberal Arrogance" start to flow freely.

Gov-Gen Jean had dual citizenship, but gave up her French citizenship on taking office. It's a courtesy for someone in high public office to arrange their affairs appropriately, rather like placing one's properties in a blind trust.

Jack Layton and Pat Martin are giving Dion some very sound and sensible advice, and he should be wise enough to accept it.

BigCityLib, you mention Ted Morton. If he HAD won that leadership, and had kept his US citizenship in the Office of the Premier of Alberta, what indeed would Liberal Party bloggers like you be saying?

bigcitylib said...

Budd, it is entirely hypothetical, but I suspect they would have said nothing. I for one already knew he had dual citizenship (knew about Dion too).