Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Cable Provider Rejects Fox News North

First Shaw hesitates, and now:

...when I contacted my provider today by telephone, the Cogeco Ontario telephone representative said, as far as she knew, they had no plans to offer SunTV News.

Apparently, Charles Adler (an FNN employee, by the way) is demanding a boycott of anyone who won't carry them. Remember folks, this is a news station that hasn't reached 1,500 Facebook followers! They're a force to be reckoned with...primarily by ignoring 'em.


CanadianSense said...

Your test is require a FB group in excess of 1500 people before you demand the near monopolists to carry a new station?

It would be better if you pretended the business case model did not work for these cable owners.

You should not fear competition in the public airwaves. Hundreds of jobs are at risk if this station fails.

The CBC and others may improve their product as a result. It is interesting reading on Lib-blogs demanding the CBC be protected with taxpayers money.

Tof KW said...

Hundreds of jobs are at risk if this station fails.

The market is over-saturated to begin with, too many 24h news channels in this country already without enough news and advertising to go around. It was a stupid thing to invest in, and the free market should be allowed to take care of this problem. The better journalists will easily find work elsewhere, and Ezra being unemployed is an added bonus.

Omar said...

Hundreds of jobs are at risk if this station fails.

So? I'll start being concerned about the working fate of journalists when they begin to be concerned about how they are contributing to the deterioration of the state.

Reality Bites said...

Speaking as someone who used to work in both the cable and satellite industry, the folks on the phone will never know about plans to carry a new channel until there's an agreement between the carrier and the channel. And they are absolutely 100% told to NEVER say a channel will be carried until that agreement is in place, especially if the channel is owned by the provider.